Harald A. Møller

Secure power supply keeps the wheels rolling

Harald A. Møller AS, the biggest car importer in Norway, has imported more than 1 million cars to Norwegian customers since start-up. Their car brands Volkswagen, Audi and Škoda all hold solid market positions. Harald A. Møller AS is a part of MøllerGruppen, a family-owned company and a leading player in the Nordic car industry. The company is handling import, dealers and finance in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics.


Case study - Harald A. Møller - Coromatic

Magnus B. Askautrud, Coromatic and Geir-Olav Gundersen, Harald. A. Møller


Power outage, a real knock-out for all operations

With 67 dealers and more than 4000 employees across country, MøllerGruppen is dependent on solid and reliable IT-systems. A technical failure leading to power outage hits both turnover and customers hard. A negative experience with a power outage at the head office in Oslo made the operations department contact Coromatic. Geir-Olav Gundersen, Operations Consultant at Harald A. Møller, describes the occurrence that put security top of the agenda.

— Our old UPS failed. It resulted in a power outage in the data center leading to grave consequences for all operations. Nothing worked at all, explains Gundersen. When the data center stopped due to the failure, it affected the whole group. All critical data systems were down.

The workshops lost access to information, and the warehouse was no longer able to dispatch spare parts. Without access to secure power everything stopped.

The occurrence prooved how dependent organizations are on secure and uninterruptable data communication. For big companies such as MøllerGruppen uptime is mission critical. The scope of such an incident can be large due to loss of revenue, but also because of additional costs.

To get back on track after the incident can be time-consuming. It is necessary to locate failure, repair damages and implement new measures to avoid future downtime. Often, the customer is even required to invest in new technical solutions.

— It is critical to get back on track as soon as possible. It requires knowledge about how to handle a situation where you have no access to power supply. You need to make investments in the right technical solutions that fit your business. Critical data systems must be secured.

Unforeseen downtime is the dark side of digital dependence, says Magnus B. Askautrud, Business Development Manager Communication at Coromatic.


Case study - Harald A. Møller - Coromatic


Coromatic – A partner in security

Coromatic helps the customers to avoid downtime for mission critical data systems. Increased complexity is often the reason behind downtime.

Data systems are often part of a chain where machines, network and systems need to function as a whole. If one part fails the whole chain can end up failing.

Coromatic suggested different solutions and cooperated with the customers in the planning process.

The analysis in the project plays an important part in securing the full benefit of the investment for the customer.

Harald A. Møller chose a new UPS together with battery surveillance. The customer decided the best suitable time slot for installing. Today everything works as it is supposed to. The customer is satisfied.


Case study - Harald A. Møller - Coromatic


— When the incident took place competent technicians arrived from Coromatic. They set the system in operation, and acted quickly and professionally. The process of delivering a new and secure UPS – solution started immediately.

Coromatic took ownership of the situation. They knew what to do.I praise the technicians for the way they handled the situation, says Gundersen.

Expertise from Coromatic enabled a change from old to new UPS without any time-out of operations. This is all owing to competent technicians who handle complex installations and know which solutions are optimal. Coromatic has been a partner for Harald A. Møller for more than 7 years and has delivered cooling, genset, UPS and other solutions.