Coromatic is on high alert due to COVID-19 virus

As the second wave of COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly, we have activated our own crisis management and taken multiple immediate actions.

These actions serve to secure continous operation and maintenance of our customers’ business critical infrastructure, continued high service levels, and a safe work environment for our employees.

We prioritize the protection of our service organization and as a consequence, the majority of our office staff will be working from home until 7 February, in line with the government’s recommendation.

For more information on how we protect our service organisation, to be able to secure your critical business, please read this guideline: Coromatic COVID-19 Guidelines for technician visits.

We are in close contact with our suppliers in order to identify potential risks in supply chains, so that we can avoid disruptions in our operations.

As we want to protect our customers, we encourage you to look at how your business-critical infrastructure can be impacted and what can be done to prevent any disruption to your business. We recommend that our customers evaluate the risk profile of the employees who are responsible for the company’s critical infrastructure, from a personal as well a technical aspect.

In addition, we also recommend that you review the company’s spare parts stock to secure your business.

We expect our suppliers, contractors, consultant and other external partners working in Coromatic’s workplaces and offices, to follow our guidelines for our employees, as described below.

If a contracted supplier, contractor, consultant or other external partner is affected by the following guidelines, please contact the responsible contact at Coromatic for a discussion on possible measures.

From now on, the following guidelines apply to all Coromatic employees:

For business and private travel abroad, we refer our employees to the Foreign Ministry’s travel guides.

Contact us for help
We are available for a risk assessment of your business-critical infrastructure, or any other assistance related to your critical business.

Contact us here and 24/7 on + 45 88 16 34 00