• Coromatic White paper - Edge computing explained

    Strategies for a Digital Future

    Edge Computing explained

    Edge computing is already influencing businesses and organizations. The technology means new business opportunities for better service, increased efficiency and reduced costs. However, certain requirements will need to be fulfilled to implement new technology and start using it for business development. In this whitepaper we look at how to apply edge computing.

    Hent Strategies for a Digital Future

  • Coromatic Whitepaper - Strategy for energy effiency 24/7

    Strategy for energy effiency 24/7?

    What will happen if the resources we depend on are not supported by emergency power systems and don’t not have the required capacity available when we need it?

    Energy efficiency has been on the agenda in most businesses for quite some time. What should a strategy contain to continuously obtain energy and environmental savings? Are we not already aware in the business world, how to manage an energy efficient business? Do mission critical environments and high availability put specific demands on energy monitoring and how energy management should be performed?

    Hent Strategy for energy effiency 24/7?

  • Coromatic whitepaper. Site management survey 2017

    Are you in control?

    Critical facilities site management survey 2017

    Digitalization enables things we could once only dream of, while at the same time challenging traditional business models. Although digitalization brings many new opportunities, it places entirely new demands on infrastructure, with seemingly basic aspects as power supply and data communication becoming crucial for maintaining enterprise operations.
    Do you want to be invited to our next survey, please contact goran.egnell@coromatic.com

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  • Coromatic whitepaper Mind the gap, english

    Mind the gap

    Critical facilities site management survey 2016

    In March 2016, Coromatic concluded its annual Critical Facilities Site Manager Survey. More than 330 site managers from organizations in 24 different countries responded to questions about the maturity of their organizations’ approach to Critical Facilities site operations.

    Hent Mind the gap

  • Coromatic white paper, In the shadow of the cloud

    In the shadow of the cloud

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Many companies today are contemplating moving into the cloud, either partially or through fully outsourcing their IT services and operations. Many more are already in the cloud. They are seeing the cost benefits of receiving cheaper IT-services, applications, functions and storage via cloud access through the internet rather than via the on-site in-house managed services of old.

    Hent In the shadow of the cloud

  • Coromatic whitepaper, CF site management survey 2015

    Critical facilities

    Site management survey 2015

    In 2015, Coromatic concluded its annual Critical Facilities Site Management Survey. More than 100 site managers in different countries responded to questions about the maturity of their organizations’ approach to Critical Facilities site operations. The questions spanned the areas of business dependency, business demand and budgeting of sites, both for operations and site investments.

    Hent Critical facilities

  • Coromatic whitepaper, CF study Nordic hospitals

    CF study

    Nordic hospitals market trends and associated risks

    In 2015, Coromatic Group concluded a Critical Facilities study covering the years 2000-2013. The scope was of the Nordic hospital market and its reliance on two mission critical functions, power and communications, taking into consideration the increased amount of data being processed in different systems.

    Hent CF study

  • Coromatic whitepaper, Energy optimization

    Energy optimization

    Save both money and the environment

    In recent years, the data center sector has investigated varying solutions for lowering environmental impact. Initially, stakeholders talked about green IT, i.e., electricity that supplied the centers should be green in the sense that energy came from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or water. Now, energy generation and measurement methods are far more sophisticated, because all stakeholders increasingly demand climate-smart solutions in every process phase.

    Hent Energy optimization

  • Coromatic whitepaper, 24/7 uptime

    24/7 uptime

    What happens if operations shut down?

    In our increasingly digitized world, infrastructures that manage data traffic are increasingly mission-critical. From the days when network- and data-communication systems equated with data centers in basements, their importance gradually became central.

    Hent 24/7 uptime


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