Coromatic procurement policy

Procurement policy


Coromatic’s ambition is that we work with our Suppliers to create added value for our organization, and ultimately for our customers. This policy applies to all within Coromatic, its affiliates and our suppliers.

Every year, we procure large volumes of goods and services, and our extensive procurement needs range from indirect materials such as IT and office supplies, to contractors and direct materials such as Gensets and UPS. The purchases are intended to contribute to long-term profitability through a sustainable supply of raw materials, products, and services both in the short and long term.

Suppliers to Coromatic and E.ON become a part of our business ecosystem and can access a large network of business opportunities within our group. At the same time, we expect our suppliers to provide us with the best possible total cost of ownership (TCO) and actively work with us to improve and contribute to a long-term business relationship that provides mutual benefits. To enable benefits of scale, contracting with Coromatic always involves our central procurement and legal organization.


In our procurement work, we and our suppliers operate based on the following values:


1. Business Integrity: We act with a holistic view, competence, high integrity

2. Consolidate Procurement Volumes: We always leverage Coromatic and E. ON’s combined procurement volume to achieve the lowest possible cost.

3. Competitive Sourcing: We ensure that procurement is conducted competitively according to established requirements/legal requirements.

4. Quality and Safety: We are clear in our specification and ensure the quality of delivered products/services through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

5. Supplier Collaboration: We aim to establish stable, long-term relationships with identified strategic suppliers, systematically developing products and services through mutual collaboration.

6. Ethics and Morality: Our business relationships are characterized by high ethics and morality. Employees and business contacts act according to Coromatic Supplier Code of Conduct.

7. Responsible Procurement: Our work is based on the UN Global Compact, and we expect our suppliers and their subcontractors to adhere to it.

8. Environment and Sustainability: We consider the environmental & sustainability impact in procurement and impose relevant requirements to reduce negative environmental and sustainability impact as much as possible.

9. Work Environment: We create a work environment that promotes health and ensures safety both in the office and at our customers’ locations.